Frequently Asked Questions

Is the silencer suitable for all rangehoods?

It has been designed for rangehoods with a vent outlet of 150mm. For rangehoods with a 125mm outlet an adapter would be required. It is not recommended for rangehoods with an outlet diameter of over 150mm. The silencer requires that flue cover be at least 205mm wide.

Will the silencer obstruct airflow?

Not for a rangehood with a 150mm diam. vent outlet.. The accoustic duct within the expansion chamber is 150mm in diameter.

What extraction rate can it support?

The limiting factor is the 150mm vent outlet. This typically covers extraction rates of up to 1200m3p/h

How much quieter will be my rangehood?

This does depend on individual installation factors but we have measured the performance and you can see the results  by clicking Here

Is it suitable for DIY installation?

Yes.  Installing a Rangehood Tamer ducting system is as straightforward as any other.  We recommend that professional advice is obtained for roof penetrations. For more information see our Installation Tips

Where can I buy Rangehood Tamer?

Rangehood Tamer is available from all good appliance retailers

OR Contact Us to find your nearest supplier.

Where can I learn about ducting generally?

There are informative articles about rangehood ducting at:  gdd.co.nz