Rangehood Silencer


Does your rangehood sound like a jet engine taking off?

So loud you don't want to use it? Fit a


Rangehood Too Noisy?

Fit A Rangehood Tamer Silencer

Rangehoods are usually the noisiest appliances in the kitchen but now they don't have to be.

Rangehood Tamer is a unique ducting system that incorporates a silencer fitted to the air outlet vent to reduce noise generated by the extractor fan. The fan causes turbulent air to be pushed out of the rangehood vent under pressure. This causes most of the noise. The rangehood tamer system muffles the sound of this noisy air to reduce the sound effect reducing and smoothing out the noise as shown Here

Rangehood Tamer has been developed in New Zealand as a response to the high number of Kiwi homeowners who complain about the noise of their rangehoods. It acts in a similar way as the silencer on your car, having an expansion chamber, baffles and sound absorbing material. It is suitable for roof ducting and soffit ducting of rangehoods and extractors of up to 1200m3/h with a 150mm diam. outlet.

Rangehood Tamer is suitable for both new installations and for retrofitting. It fits directly over the vent outlet of your rangehood for easy installation and comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Insist on a quieter kitchen - specify Rangehood Tamer